Helping the Minoritized Achieve in Academic Science

Giving Back

Part of the reason why I became a professor was to help people. I love to mentor students. Recently, as I am at the precipice of achieving tenure, I have felt the need to give back to other women in academic science. I hope this blog helps you. Plus, I am happy to have others add their comments and ideas to the blog to help others.

Scientists are well-known critics. We are raised to be critical, but I want this blog to be a spot for positive help. I am reserving the right to remove overtly negative and unhelpful comments. Further, despite the fact that everyone – men and women – have a higher bar for women, I have found most women in science to be extremely competent and excellent. I hope this blog will be a place for women to support women. This is a place to celebrate how amazing women in science really are. I have found other women in science blogs helpful, such as FemaleScienceProfessor, and I hope that this blog can be as successful as that one was/is.

Further, the issues raised in this blog are not for women only – but for people who want a balance between work and life. But, I want to say that choosing career does not make you a bad parent. I hope to have posts about the guilt felt by being a mother with a career and to let other know that you are a great parent – even if you have a career.

With that, I toast to my imminent tenure and this new blog – a new era to mentoring!

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