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Application Season

Well, it’s Fall again. It’s getting cooler, time to start new classes, and the time of year for academic applications of varying kinds. As you may be aware, academia’s clock is typically a 9 month affair. All transitions start with Fall-time applications: high school → college, college → graduate school, postdoc → faculty. The ability to put together your application, get an interview, and make it to the next level is essential to a successful academic career. Being that it is the application time of year, I thought we could have some posts on how to apply. That being said, I need your help! I cannot remember what it was like to be a high school student applying to college. I vaguely remember applying to graduate school. I remember through cloudy lenses what it was like to apply for tenure track jobs, but I only applied once to one kind of place, and there are so many options. So, send a post or a comment!

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  1. UntenuredJobCandidate said:

    I’d love to hear about applying to faculty jobs as a faculty member. It feels like there is a lot of advice for postdocs applying to faculty jobs, but what about the academics trying to solve the two body problem? We all know that most deans will not negotiate without another job offer. Everyone expects people do this at some stage- my own chair has explicitly encouraged it. But what is different this time around? Who should your letters come from as an untenured faculty? Is it inappropriate to write your cover letter on your uni letterhead (I think probably yes!…)? What should you say, or definitely not say, in your cover letter?

  2. I agree that these are difficult questions, and I struggled with them myself. I hope others who have applied pre-tenure, but post-tenure-track, can reply. I will try to dig someone up.

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