Helping the Minoritized Achieve in Academic Science

Coming Up: Tenure

Many of the posts we have discussed on improving teaching, self promotion, and lab management are all geared toward ensuring that you secure tenure. Some of your may be coming up sooner than others, so I want to make sure that we spend a few posts on some simple things you can do when coming up for tenure to make sure that you get it. These are the last minute things like writing your package and communicating with your senior colleagues. These things are not going to help if you don’t have papers or grants and your teaching is poor. But, I feel that many deserving women don’t get tenure or barely get it even when they are good teachers and have a lot of research behind them because they are somehow not part of the club. Many of the things I will bring up also go under the heading of Self Promotion. Again, women and minorities are socially groomed to be demure and not boastful. Unfortunately, in academia, that can give you a whole lot of nothing. So, just remember, Women Rock, and you are one of them! So, let everyone know how awesome you are.

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